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SQL Server: Find first column with specified value

Returns first column of any table which contains a search value

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Automate Talend backup export scripts with SVN and Commandline

It’s useful to periodically export a backup copy of your Talend item scripts when you’re using SVN, so here you have an script to export all Project items: Note: This script only works for Talend Integration Suite 5+ and Unix environments. Note2: Requires Commandline installation


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Enable VNC connection for each O.S. user at boot – Ubuntu

Many times you need to enable VNC connections in your unix server by default at boot time. In RHEL it’s quite easy but in Ubuntu it’s quite tricky, that’s why I’m pulishing this entry. First of all, we install vncserver:

and let’s edit ~/.vnc/xstartup for each of our O.S. users with the following script: […]

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Move SQL Server 2008 datafile to another location

In order to reallocate datafiles to other locations, for instance in case you need to move mdf’s to a faster HDD, you must take following steps: 1) Take affeccted DB offline :

2) Physically move ldf or mdf files to new location 3) Execute, for each datafile:

4) Bring database online

At anytime, […]

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SQLServer – T-SQL: Converting any string to its equivalent ASCII numeric value

Sometimes you need to convert an string to an unique number identifier, for instance converting an existing string PK to a numeric PK. Here we provide a sample function which converts any string value to an unique numeric value by converting each character to its ASCII value: Function ascii_value:

For instance, if you execute: […]

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Reorganizing tablespace files

In case you are working with HD Space limit, for instance running Oracle XE, you should be aware of following procedure to reduce tablespace files. You may have tried to reduce datafile space with command:

And obtained error:

In my case, I had an Oracle Xe 11g with big tablespaces (7 GB’s of […]

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UTL_SMTP Sending HTML e-mails with multiple BLOB attachments via custom SMTP Server

The last few days I’ve been struggling with Oracle APEX trying to send e-mails via APEX_MAIL from different SMTP servers. But since SMTP configuration is at Instance level, it’s not that easy neither secure to keep changing instance settings and sending e-mails. (you can see the whole information at the oracle forum: Resuming I […]

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