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MicroStrategy: Creating a count metric of distinct occurrences of Attribute2 in Attribute1

Today I needed to create a simple count report metric without the need of creating a standalone metric in MicroStrategy. What I needed was to count the number of appearences of certain attribute for the last 30 days. In other words, the metric of distinct occurences of “Days” in Attribute1. You could easily achieve this […]

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Enable VNC connection for each O.S. user at boot – Ubuntu

Many times you need to enable VNC connections in your unix server by default at boot time. In RHEL it’s quite easy but in Ubuntu it’s quite tricky, that’s why I’m pulishing this entry. First of all, we install vncserver:

and let’s edit ~/.vnc/xstartup for each of our O.S. users with the following script: […]

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