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APEX 5: Showing custom success message from Dynamic Action (DA) on Universal Theme

I needed to show a success message after ending a Dynamic Action and I wanted this message to be with the same format as success messages from page processes. Since this is not a standard feature of Oracle APEX, you can do the following trick if you’re using Universal Theme: Create a JavaScript function which […]

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Oracle APEX 5.0: How-to call modal page from dynamic action and capture close event

Today I needed to submit a page saving data and opening a modal page afterwards. For my surprise, APEX 5.0 raises an “400 – Bad request” error when calling a modal page from “Branch” section after processesing (calls apex.navigation.dialog without stating “javascript:” sentence first). It seems to be a Bug of 5.0 version (which hopefuly […]

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APEX Relational Flexfield plugin – Tutorial

In this post I’ll guide you on how to use “flexfield” APEX plugin. For a online demo, you can access: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=JOSEPCOVES:FLEXFIELDS Let’s assume we want to provide admin users the ability to fill some table fields with their own specification. We assume you have your own demo “EMP” table with employee information. 1. First of […]

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APEX 5.0: Change export calendar links position

After trying new amazing APEX 5.0 Calendar, even though I’ve found it great, I really think further work is needed in order to provide more options for developers. We’re unable to change inner HTML code because we’re don’t have Templates associated to this new component, and we’re even unable to define different position for its […]

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