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MicroStrategy 10 Hacks: How to fire selector change via Button for any presentation mode

In order to provide usability to your Dashboards, you can let users the possibility to click somewhere and apply certain filter. For instance, you may want to filter a region by clicking a Button instead of scrolling inside a select list for some particular values: 1) MicroStrategy: Create a “Select List” Selector 2) MicroStrategy: Select any panel or […]

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MicroStrategy 10 hacks: Loading jQuery under new Presentation Mode

First of all I’d like to thank Bryan Brandow because this post is inspired on his various posts about this subject: http://www.bryanbrandow.com/search/jquery Since MicroStrategy 10 was out last year 2015, I’ve been trying to achieve some jQuery hacks in order to provide more usability to our dashboards. The first problem I faced when migrating to MicroStrategy […]

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How to execute Native DB SQL under Microstrategy metric

In case you need to execute native DB SQL inside Microstrategy metric, you can use the following procedure:

#O = Is where the value of  MS Object will be included <MS_OBJECT>= You can drag any MS Object: Text, Attribute, Metric, etc. For instance, in case you need to apply a date mask in Oracle: […]

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