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APEX 5.0: Change export calendar links position

After trying new amazing APEX 5.0 Calendar, even though I’ve found it great, I really think further work is needed in order to provide more options for developers. We’re unable to change inner HTML code because we’re don’t have Templates associated to this new component, and we’re even unable to define different position for its […]

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APEX: How to create a select list with FontAwesome icons

Hi, Today I needed to create an APEX select list input in order to let users choose its own icon from FontAwesome gallery, like this one: I first tried to insert span tag with font-awesome classes, but APEX scapes HTML tags and it didn’t work. So finally I read at Patrick Wolf’s blog one possible […]

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Reorganizing tablespace files

In case you are working with HD Space limit, for instance running Oracle XE, you should be aware of following procedure to reduce tablespace files. You may have tried to reduce datafile space with command:

And obtained error:

In my case, I had an Oracle Xe 11g with big tablespaces (7 GB’s of […]

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